Executive Summary

Western Pacific Med-Corp has been providing Narcotic Treatment services continuously, since 1979, and currently operates facilities in Fullerton, Stanton and Mission Viejo, within the County of Orange as well as facilities in County of Los Angeles and Ventura County. We are Drug/Medi-Cal certified, licensed by the DEA, SAMHSA, DHCS, and are accredited by the Council on Accreditation. Additionally, our locations are fully staffed and able to meet all criteria listed within the RFA. We currently contract with the OCHCA to provide NTP services. Our mission is to provide evidence based narcotic treatment services to any eligible person seeking them. These services shall be provided in a cost effective, high quality, humane, culturally sensitive, and non-discriminatory manner. By providing these services the community will be enriched with an increased level of public health, a decrease in criminal activity and a safer more enjoyable place to live.


 Patients have the right to treatment that
    – Is given with full informed consent
    – Is individualized and participatory
    – Responds adequately to patient needs
    – Promotes dignity and is humane
    – Promotes autonomy and patient responsibility
    – Protects confidentiality
    – Protects and promotes overall health and well being


Program administration obtains and is responsive to patient’s feedback concerning their care


Programs develop and implement policies and procedures to promote and protect patient’s rights as well as their health and well being


Programs must inform patients both verbally and in writing of clinic rules and regulations and patient rights and responsibilities


Programs establish procedures to cooperate in the medicating of traveling patients

Western Pacific Med Corp

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